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How did she learn so fast? From that, how do you boil an egg? beginning in June, four months later, just in time for her 19th birthday, she was using her Father-in-law’s scotch to improve the taste of a duck she was roasting at the East Peoria hilltop house where she and Max were marking time before the next leg of their lifetime journey. The Luminous Liddy took to cooking like a duck takes to water. Fifteen years later she was the Executive Chef at the Hershey Foods Company corporate headquarters in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and teaching a class in Chinese cooking on the side.

But here in 2013, the Luminous Liddy is all cooked out. “It’s your turn, Max” she said, handing me an apron, a toque, and a spatula.

So here goes: From The Joy of Cooking, a recipe for vegetable hash. Max’s Triple Play:

The core: chopped, and/or diced vegetables, a cup of each – celery, carrots, onions, turnips.

1. Beef hash – the core plus a cup of diced potatoes.

Place vegetables in a suitable saucepan, add two cups of beef broth, one teaspoon salt, and cook until carrots are tender (maybe 10 minutes). Pour the mixture into a sieve and collect the drained liquid in a sauce pan. Add a tablespoon of corn starch to liquid and heat until thickened, stirring continuously. Add vegetables along with two cups of chopped and pre-cooked roast beef. Heat for ten minutes and serve.

2. Chicken hash – the core plus a cup of pasta(your choice -penne, ziti, shells, elbows, spirals, whatever). Substitute chicken broth and pre-cooked chicken, and proceed as above.

3. Shrimp hash – the core plus a cup of rice. Use chicken broth, and  a dozen or so peeled shrimp, and proceed as above.

Lots of room for innovation –  cup of peas or corn, or both – try different spices – Liddy says bay leaves would be good with the beef, some ginger with the shrimp, rosemary and thyme with the chicken.

Suggestions are welcome – help me out here, sports fans.


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