Liddy’s Progress

Yesterday (9/9/13)they moved her to the 5th floor Transitional Care Unit; here is the plan: she will undergo occupational and physical therapy daily for a week and will come home next Monday (9/16/13). At home she will receive visits from the OT and PT people for an undefined period of time. This was serious back surgery and Doctor O’Brien will see that she is rehabilitated in the best way that 21st century medicine can provide – Liddy as always worries about cost, but to our good fortune, we are covered by the best system the U.S. has to offer: Medicare and Medicare supplement.

She continues to smile a lot, confirming what the Doc said -“this looks like a winner,” or something about feeling like $1 million.

Back to blogging- I started back on China but that will have to wait – more pressing is the novel COUNT, now in final edits by Tate Publishing.

Dear readers (you know who you are) – the problem for me is I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know how to find out. I was merrily posting blogs with response only from daughter Katie until I posted one about Liddy’s surgery – to my great surprise, I received several comments from old friends who must have been reading my blogs – or not? Can somebody help me here?





2 thoughts on “Liddy’s Progress

  1. beth wellner

    here’s the thing… you will only know who is reading your posts if they respond somehow, either in the reply space like this or on Facebook. we’ve been blogging about our travels and such for about 3 years and we rarely have anyone respond on the blog itself. we post them on Facebook, like you’re doing, and i occasionally will have someone reply but most people just press ‘like’ after reading it. rich and i use google analytics for a more general idea of who’s reading and when (countries, cities, graphs of most popular posts, etc). they will walk you through getting your blog information or katie can help you. even then, you will not know *specifically* who is reading, just a general idea of the demographics.

  2. ktredshoes

    I told Max that his WordPress blog is set up so that blog posts are automatically shared as links on his Facebook page, and that most of those who commented about Mom’s surgery are Facebook friends of his who would have seen the link in their Facebook feeds and clicked through from Facebook to read the WordPress blog post (since they haven’t signed up to “follow” the blog). Max finds Facebook confusing — I can’t say I blame him. When I start talking about feeds and walls and timelines and tickers, I think I make his eyes glaze over! WordPress stats show how many views and individual visitors a post has, as well as how many clicks are coming through referrals from Facebook or email followers, but it’s all aggregated. It’s a lot to absorb anyway.


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